Vapor Phase Decontamination

Heavy gasoil stripper TC-5000 is a highly effective vapor phase decontamination product, as it has a high solvency value and in vapor phase it can access surfaces and deposits that cannot be contacted by liquid flow. Vapor Phase application is particularly effective on light end products and offers rapid decontamination with minimal effluent generation making it an increasingly popular methodology with our clients.

TC-5000 chemistry is educted into a steam source. The steam carries the TC-5000 chemistry throughout the process vessels. The solvent in the product partially vaporises, dissolving the hydrocarbons as it traverses the vessel. The surfactants in TC-5000 form an emulsion with the hydrocarbons and the condensed steam. This emulsion is then drained from the process vessels and the vessels are steamed further to remove the residual product, completing the decontamination cycle.

The specific mode of application, such as vapor phase or liquid circulation, or a combination of the two, is tailored during the site visit, where the exact scope of work and availability of resources is discussed in detail with the plant personnel.