TerraChem Chemistry

All TerraChem formulations are designed to be compatible with all metallurgies and can operate across a wide range of temperatures. Organically based and fully biodegradable, TerraChem's products permit full hydrocarbon recovery on-site with resulting waste waters suitable for most API separators, all of which virtually eliminates hazardous waste generation and its subsequent treatment.

TC4000 Online and heavies

TC4000 Online & Heavies TC-4000 is a custom, proprietary mixture of aromatic solvents and special surface-active agents for use as an additive in the decontamination of Thermal Crackers. It is specially designed to disperse asphaltene and dissolve heavy tar and high molecular weight hydrocarbons found in Thermal Crackers’ process equipment.

TC-4000 is most effective when used in conjunction with TC-5000 for decontamination of Thermal Cracker Units.

TC-4000 is added simultaneously with the flushing oil as part of the plant cool-down and thinning procedure. The special surface-active agents and solvents in TC-4000 effectively disperses asphaltene and augments the solvency of flushing oil in dissolving heavy tar and hydrocarbon resin found in Thermal Crackers. This combined action of TC-4000 greatly enhances the efficacy of TC-5000 in decontamination of Thermal Crackers.


Asphaltene Dispersion: The surface-active chemicals in TC-4000 adsorb to the asphaltene particles thereby, increasing and maintaining the dispersion of finely divided asphaltene particles in the solvent.The asphaltene particles are peptized by this adsorption process, forming a highly stable coll solution, which subsequently is efficiently emulsified by TC-5000 and transported out of the process vessels.

Increased Solvency of Flushing Oil: The increased solvency of flushing oil by addition of TC-4000 results in greater dissolution of heavy, semi-solid and solid state hydrocarbons in the liquid state. This phenomenon frees the coke and inorganic particles embedded in the heavy hydrocarbons allowing for much-improved decontamination of process vessels in Thermal Cracker Units.


Plant operation, maintenance reliability, and economics of high molecular weight refinery process units can be greatly improved by the use of TC-4000, a TerraChem proprietary specialty formulation.

TC-4000 allows oil refineries to decontaminate heavily fouled process units. Typical use concentration of TC-4000 is 3% to 4.0% in flushing oil. This mixture of flushing oil and TC 4000 is circulated in a closed loop through the plant’s process vessels for a pre-determined period of time.

Subsequently, TC-5000 concentration of 2% to 3% is added to this mixture along with water and circulated in a closed loop.

Upon completion of the process, Visbreaker and PDA units have

significantly less heavy tar and solids, thereby greatly facilitating and expediting the mechanical work.

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Physical Properties

Color: Slightly Pale
Specific Gravity:. 0.9 to0 .92
Density:7.4 to 7.6 lb/gal
Solubility: Dispersible in water
Flash Point:104°F