TerraChem was formed in 2002 to enhance and develop the decontamination process for the refinery and petrochemical industry. Recognising that the most effective decontamination results require a combination of the most advanced chemicals and finest process application, the founding partners brought together the skills of one of the leading chemists and refinery process specialists in the field of decontamination. Involved from the very inception and introduction of the Hydrocarbon Decontamination process to the refinery industry, the partners were immediately able to offer the highest level of service delivery, tailored to meet the clients demands. With over 50 years' combined international experience in Hydrocarbon Decontamination, the managing partners retain their hands-on approach, training teams of decontamination specialists across the world

TerraChem's philosophy revolves around the close partnership with our clients to work towards the common goals of Safety, Quality, and Schedule. Our Project Team will integrate with the refinery operations in the planning of the shutdown process to develop the most efficient overall shutdown and decontamination process, allowing for safe, rapid vessel entry and minimal turnaround period. TerraChem's exceptional refinery process knowledge means we can truly consider and understand each refinery operations unique requirements and integrate them into our process permitting a smooth planning phase; the key to any successful project.

Having successfully completed hundreds of decontamination circuits, including the largest refinery units in the world, without an LTA, TerraChem continues to work closely with our clients to enhance and develop unique solutions for their individual demands and challenges. With its international process specialists, TerraChem offers one of the most comprehensive decontamination packages on the market today. Market leading, environmentally friendly decontamination chemistry, expert technical support, and very competitive pricing, all contribute to improved safety, reduced downtime and cost-effective turnarounds to the oil refinery and petrochemical industries. Put the TerraChem Decontamination Process to work for you. Contact us on mail@terrachem.net